Oh The SHADE Of It All! ANN7 Supporters Get An Open Letter.

the shade

Showing South Africa that he is a shade-throwing bitch to be reckoned with, 2Oceansvibe Editor in Queef, Seth Rotherham published an open letter to those of you whores who feel all of the sads for the sorry excuse for presenters (nevermind actual news reporting) they are smearing across the sorry excuse for a brand new news network – ANN7. If you have been living under a rock for the past week (with apologies to South Africa’s many miners), ANN7 (AKA, GuptaTV) came under severe fire (bukkake level fire, super messy!) after its recent launch for being an ill prepared, disorganised, poorly produced, shitty-outfit-wearing MESS. This was a shit show of EPIC proportions – so obviously I’m HOOKED!  Some people, like Mr Rotherham, do not share my excitement. He feels that these kind of mistakes are unacceptable. I don’t know, I lost his argument at “balls hanging out“.  This is part of what he had to say:


Maybe you’re right, maybe it is because the teleprompter was scrolling too slow or too fast, but quite frankly that has sweet F-all to do with us, the armchair critics. We’re tuning in to a new 24-hour news network. Do you understand the gravity of that statement? Or rather the gravity of investing millions to launch one? Especially one that is not too dissimilar to North Korean television, in that it was created with the sole purpose of distributing government propaganda. You can’t take those kind of risks – hanging your balls out there – unless it’s absolutely perfect. And you know what, shame for those presenters who are either underprepared, inexperienced, or are the brunt of bad production. Again, no-one cares. It’s not a school dorm radio station, angel pie. There are absolutely no allowances for “you did great, hun” or “you’re improving every day.”


OH THE SHADE OF IT ALL! You know what, since my blog is hardly made up of the kind of content they teach you in your average journalism course, nevermind feature on your average search engine, I’m not going to do anything but stick to my guns in saying YOU GO ANN7! Bring the mess – local is lekker! If for nothing else other than to show the likes of North Korea how shit is DONE! And after everyone has calmed the fuck down and stopped shitting on you, ANN7, all you have to do is follow the wise words of one Ms Latrice Royale, courtesy of LOGO TV’s RuPaul’s Drag Race: (BTW: if you are not current on RPDR, then we can no longer be friends, be gone!)