Pippi Longstockings Pulls A Kim Kardashian And FNB Jumps On That Poon Harder Than A Horny Pirate!


Those of you plebeian sluts who don’t know who Pipi Longstockings is, a) you piece of commoner TRASH, b) Pippi Longstocking is a fictional character in a series of Swedish children’s books by author Astrid Lindgren, which was later adapted into multiple films and television series.  One of the sweet little ginger girls who starred in the screen adaptations, Tami Erin, is now all grown up and has decided to show her sweet little ginger pussy to the world.  This is hardly news.  That shit’s been known for a while now.  However, what is news is that FNB’s marketing director is horny as FUCK and is taking his personal life to work with him.

The Pippi porno has leaked onto the internet (read: “leaked“) and 2Oceansvibe reports that a link to the Pippi pussy video on spinmediavideo.com has FNB as the sponsored ad which runs before you can view the leaked porno.  So basically, when you click play on this mess, you first have to sit through FNB telling you you fucking basic you are and how NOT basic they are and bla bla bla.  I suppose this makes sense. You might need to apply for a credit card to purchase this shit – I wouldn’t know, I don’t support pornography (which has vagina in it). Kudos FNB. Make dem coins!