When Loud Assholes Collide!

South African politician Malema gestures during an interview with Reuters in Johannesburg

Pictured above is Commander in Queef of the E.F.F. (or Everyone-else’s Freedom Fuckers, South Africa’s newest political gang bang), Pillsbury Malema, assuming his well-practiced Oh-Lawd-Won’t-You-Buy-Me-A-Mercedes-Benz posture.  According to eNews in South Africa, the Pedi people’s proudest son is currently in Nigeria to see controversial prophet and spiritual healer TB Joshua and receive blessings all over his face – just like when, as a boy, I used to seek out the wisdom of a man of the Church! eNews also report that Malema did not elaborate on what exact counsel he is seeking from prophet TB Lung, but that he did mention wanting to emulate humanitarian- and United Nations Man of the Year Robert Mugabe in this visit.  The reason your internet is so slow today is because every South African who is not a supporter of the EFF-off Freedom Fighters is on the internet booking a one-way flight to Australia.

It kind of makes sense for someone like Pillsbury Malema to visit someone like TB Lung for counsel on “political decisions”. By political decisions I mean decisions that affect no one else but the “delegation” he is supposedly in Nigeria with.  No one gives a fuck about what he has to say, which was made clear when he got KICKEDTHEFUCKOUT of the ANC by the ANC. I can already tell you exactly what will be said at this meeting of the continent’s greatest assholes: Gays = bad, whites = bad, gay whites = haw wena! Neither Comrade Juju or Prophet Joshua is full of shit, because the word of ON HIGH is the opposite of shitty, and anyone who tells you otherwise = bad.  Can you imagine the amount of loud smoke mutually being blown up these two buttholes at this meeting? However, if nothing else, I hope TB Lung tells Juju to stop wearing that stained maxi pad on his head. Doesn’t he know? Stained pads on your head are counter-revolutionary.