Happy 100th To Us!


Today Siesa Nyama is celebrating the 100th time we’ve been able to smear the filth that is South African news -well, our version of it anyway – across your phones, tablets and computer screens. Yes people, we’ve made it to 100 posts without being deactivated, sued or jailed. SCORE! For this reason, but mostly because we’re all drunk already and unable to come up with anything new, here is a recap of some of the highlights (or low lights, depending on your stance) so far. See how many of them you can remember!

100 recap



Liewe Joost Isn’t Going To Meet Liewe Jesus Just Yet, According To Liewe Joost.

Yougenoot Joost

Hot off the press! The Unholy Trinity of South African mass-media (You, Huisgenoot & Drum) just dropped the deets about how some detox clinic has renewed Joost van der Westhuizen’s whoring license.  Dios Mio! Hallulu! He is risen again! Everyone thought that the degenerative Motor Neuron Disease afflicting SA’s once rugby hero meant no more hoin’ during the little time he had left to live, but Channel 24 reports that due to some revolutionary technique at aforementioned Detox-Clinic, both he and his children have strong hope that he will be back on the cheap tricks in no time!

Personally I’m glad Joost is doing better. If for no other reason than to prove to those self-righteous fucks, who were saying that his illness is a punishment from Liewe Jesus for his sinful life (cheating on his boring-as-fuck-wife by snorting cat off some cheap trick’s labia, whilst wearing-horror of horrors-holey underwear), that there is no such thing as sin, the wrath of god or karma. If Joost is indeed doing better, I am also looking forward to more magazine covers with him looking like a FAS-faced teenage Benjamin Button.