Youtube in ZA (read: meh)

So apparently South Africa is the hot new place to find Youtubers? (Yes, that question mark is supposed to be there, because W the F!?) I’m sorry, but as an avid watcher of the yootoobs, can I add that until we can produce twink-a-licious goodness like that of Jack and Finn, ratchet bitches like Kingsley or ladeez of quite the questionable sanity as Glozell, we still have a long way to go to reach the top of anyone’s list in the online videoing game. If you want to see two chicks (who look like they’ve spent the night being molested at a Long Street backpackers whilst smoking everything they could buy on the street on the way there) hoofing it around Cape Town with Daddy’s old Hyundai TV set, while simultaneously and shamelessly plugging one chick’s brother’s Youtube channel (…and breathe), then press play on this mess. If you don’t like seeing how rapidly your finger will find the BACK button, then rather watch this, which comes to you with the full SIESA guarantee of not being a pile of local horse shit: