Today We Remember: Mahk Feesh

Feesh 1A

Its a new year and I am still in no danger of being dethroned as Most Useless Fucking Blogger On The Internet. Weeks will go by without so much as a Skid Mark and I do not see this situation changing in the near future – DEAL with it! However, today I have managed to scrape my carcass out of bed in order for me to once again scrape the bottom of the tattered and busted-ass barrel that is South African celebrity, to bring you this week’s TWR. You’re welcome.

This week we have athletic type, Mark Fish (aka Mahk Feesh), as our special case for condolences. I remember violently fapping to a GQ Magazine spread with Mark and Lucas Radebe at age 16 like it was yesterday. Dressed in Markham suits and designer shades, bitches were looking fancy as FUCK posing with tricks in swimsuits next to a outdoor pool. Sadly, these days Mr Fish is putting the EESH in Feesh, with a busted-ass face and what looks like prison tats…I didn’t know he did time in the Big House?? Mark went from looking like THIS:

Feesh 1


…to looking like THIS:


Feesh 2


…probably because he was doing too much of THIS:


Feesh 3

That skin! That grill!! What a goddam shame!!! Imagine the sensation of his soul patch tickling your taint while you teabag him. BLISS! Unfortunately for all you thirsty bitches, he is too concerned with la revolucion (see the Guevara arm tat) and Uniting Against Malaria, to give any fucks about what he looks like. What this bitch needs to unite against is the sun’s UV rays and backstreet tattoo artists! Let Mark’s story be a cautionary tale about priorities children! Fuck the Malaria and keep count of the melanin!




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