Knopkierie: Dylan ‘Blayze’ King

Dylan King 1

Hold on to your panties ladies (but mostly gents) because your pussies are about to explode.  This week’s Knopkierie is brought to you by the very talented Mr Dylan King. Apparently he’s a rapper who also produces shit, endorses some shit and talks about shit on StarGist, but I’m more concerned with his exquisitely sculpted man-tits. Hmmmmm… OM NOM NOM NOM.

Sowetan Live should change their calendar name from “Mzansi’s Sexiest” to “Mzansi’s meh and gross-looking” because Dylan was in the running for the 2013 calendar, but was out-voted by obviously blind-ass bitches who decided to go with FAS-faced Melusi Yeni, pasty-as-fuck J’Something (appropriate name because I have not a fucking clue who this trick is) and tanned Meerkat Lee Stemmet. What the fuck people??  To prove my point, here are some more pictures of Blayze Entertainment CEO and face of Creative Recreation sneakers:

Dylan King 2 Dylan King 3Dylan King1 Dylan King 4




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