Today We Remember: Sipho Ngwenya

Psyfo 1

Posing like the precious YO-TV presenting cherub that he is was, next to Julius Malema in his best Sunday-drag, is busy busy busy actor, singer and record producer Sipho Ngwenya – also known as Psyfo (If your brain just started to bleed, don’t worry mine did they same when I read that fucking stupid nickname. It will stop bleeding in a few minutes).  Can someone please tell me why the LAZY photographer didn’t bother to tell Psyfo (oooooh god my brain!) to put his hardworking hands over this trick’s shoulder or even did some post-shoot Photoshopping??  Bitch is obviously using the cheapest fucking Mum roll-on, because her pit-bulge looks like the ashiest pusslips I’ve seen in forever! Put that shit away! But I digress… Let’s see what the busiest celebrity in South Africa looks like nowadays:


EEEK YIZA YIZA TOKOLOSHE! This is what happens when you move from in front of the camera to behind it, or into a recording studio. Shit gets MESSY!  Also, I’d probably also look like this is I was doing all the work he’s doing (read: I DO look like this and I don’t do as much work). The reason I say Psyfo (ooooh fuck, there goes the frontal lobe!) is a busy busy busy busy boy, is because his biography reads like he’s been working since he was a fetus! Bitch has presented and sang on Kideo Pops, presented on SABC1’s YO-TV and Wildroom, produced and presented his own show Hype, produced Sandra of ‘n Drafstap (BAAAAAARF) and starred in the SABC1 shit show Generations.  Psyfo (uuuuughh, DEAD…now my corpse is typing by way of rigor mortis) also has his own record label which produces acts such as Mandoza, Lebo Mathosa and Jamali.

His most recent project was joining Mzansi Magic’s drama series Rockville, which I haven’t watched but I assume that he’s SMOKING the Rocks in the show by the look of things.  Here are some more pictures of him posing with hoes before he decided to let himself GO:

Psyfo 2 Psyfo 3



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