Shocking News: South Africa Has An Army

gay soldier

Yes, you read right. South Africa indeed has an actual defense force, with real guns and shit.  Sadly though, the image above of soldiers gathered around the one gay soldiers bed (evident by his pretty pink princess duvet), is not seen in any of the Battalion commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Feni. I was shocked to read that there was any money left in the National Treasury, after paying for the support of all 267 of Jacob Zuma’s children, to fund a National Defense Force; and after dealing with the initial shock, I was SHOCKED again to learn that despite world class anti-discrimination policies, that the military is rife with homophobia. Shocked! Gays being discriminated against in a hierarchical, paternalistic, hyper-masculine environment…shocked!

I’m sure Feni is not the only faghater up in that bitch. So I suppose it’s good that some trick actually stepped up and spilled the tea.  And no, I am not even going to put “allegedly” in there somewhere because you only need half a fucking braincell to know that this shit is in fact going down.  The only fact I might consider contesting in the Times Live article is the fact that SA has an army… I still can’t get over that one.



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