Joburg Pride Postponed: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

SA Gay

Chrystal dildos everywhere are shattered on account of the shock announcement yesterday that Johannesburg Pride has been postponed from this Saturday 28 September to later in October. Seriously people? Shock announcement?? Worst case scenario you have some of your lesbros (a lesbo who coincidentally is also your bro) from Rustenburg visiting this weekend and your Kudu-meat-dress is arriving tomorrow just in time for the planned festivities.  Big fucking deal! Get on Grindr and tell the gays to come over on Saturday and each bring a bottle of Pinot, get the lesbians to braai the Kudu-dress and Bob’s your uncle…or your daddy

Acording to Mambaonline the 24th Annual Johannesburg Pride Festival has been moved from the Mary Fitzgerald Square on 28 September to the Sandton precinct on 26th October due to reasons. Some of said reasons are quoted below as it fell out of the talking hole of head-ho, Kaye Ally:

“…the committee decided at a crisis meeting that Mary Fitzgerald Square being a ‘high risk highly exposed’ area would not be suitable to host this year’s 2013 event…”

“Mary Fitzgerald Square had experienced security concerns and had numerous criminal activities associated with them…”

“[She also faced stinging criticism for scheduling the event on the same day as Soweto Pride]…and friction within the LGBTI community about the clash of pride events could have led to [the] attacks.”

OK, so let me get this straight. Joburg Pride and Soweto Pride would have clashed this weekend and therefore resulted in what? A sniper hired by the Soweto Pride Organising Committee with a pink (champagne pink, hellooo, camouflage!) rifle is going to sit in one of the Palm trees and take out queens in their best Sunday-Drag as they sashay into the square?!  Bitch please.  I think the real issue here is that Boss Bitch Kaye wants to make sure SHE gets the chance to get scissored in a shebeen bathroom this Saturday at Soweto Pride and therefore decided to move Joburg Pride.  Yeah, I got your number trick! September or October, either way, does it really matter? If you were wondering, the answer is NO BITCH!




One Comment on “Joburg Pride Postponed: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

  1. […] So if you are a thirsty Joburg bitch like me, today was a bitter sweet day.  Not only were there chloras in all shapes and sizes to choose from at Soweto Pride today, but there was also a a march to celebrate the thirst in you, ie. SLUTWALK! So why “bitter sweet” you ask? Well, you would have had to make a decision on which is most important to you: Loving on the dick or err… loving on the dick (let’s cut the shit, no lesbians read my blog).  This was a tricky one, but I chose Soweto Pride – but only because I wanted to see if I can get a piccie from under the stall of Kaye Ally getting scissored in a shebeen toilet. […]

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