Daily Skid Marks


The rapper formally known as AKA (formally known as the stupidist stage name in Africa) arrived somewhere. So says a massively useless tweet by Heat SA. – via Twatter

Fucking greedy bitch, Premier Thandi Modise, wont share the D! – via Mail & Guardian

Kunt Darren (no, not Darren Scott), released a new form of human torture music video today. Get the bleach for your eyeballs and screwdrivers for your eardrums ready if you decide to watch this shit. – via Youtube

Bobby van Jaarsveld is being all hipster and shit by listening to actual CD’s in his car. #HipsterForJesus. – via Twatter

Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss spotted holidaying in a KZN caravan park. – via News24

If you like stick figures, desperately trying to fish for plankton to stay alive, being photographed in swimwear designed for plankton-sized organisms, then check out the Bridgestone Swimsuit shoot. – via 2Oceansvibe

BAAAAAARF! Next time you have a party in your nose-holes, just mind the toe-jam. – via News24

It’s always so nice to see a new and fresh news story come across your desk.  Well, today is not the day because this e-toll bullshit is STILL dragging on in classic ANC fashion. – via Fin24

Jar Jar Binks (aka Naledi Pandor) says “White Widow”, Samantha Lewthwaite, used a fraudulently acquired South African passport to gain access to Kenya…but no one here could give two fucks about officially taking this matter up with the Kenyan government. Classy. – via Mail & Guardian

Poor Julius who had his land, his very own land, taken away from him just wants his own land back – peacefully and forcefully. – via News24

Political analyst Richard Calland find the perfect euphemism for “complete dipshit”. – via Mail & Guardian

My teachers never tossed my salad…now I just feel rejected. – via News24

Four Corners entered into the running for the 2014 Academy Awards, so all the foreigners can see how horrible it is to grow up in South Africa. – via 2Oceansvibe



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