Happy Nataniëlmas Everyone!


As the reigning Queen of Boerewors and all things classy, 24 September has been dedicated to honouring our Sovereign for all the elegance, style and deliciousness bestowed upon the nation. Nataniëlmas, or more widely known as Braai Day, is the one day of the year when people across the nation prepare themselves for receiving the bounty that is the vision of His Majesty the Queen of Wors. However, before you may accept the divine gift of the purest elegance and style flowing towards you on Nataniël’s velvety voice, you must purge yourself of anything and EVERYTHING that is not worthy of Him.  This is why, from an outside perspective, Heritage Day/Braai Day/Nataniëlmas might appear to be something which could be labeled as an “orgy or zef“.  Some photographic evidence of what I mean is shown below:

kommin 1 kommin 10kommin 3 kommin 9 kommin 7

Hmmmm…nothing quite says PURGE THE EVIL FROM MY BODY like an umbrella that looks like it’s been gang-raped, paper plates, or charring the remains of a dead animal over a rusty old rim.  It is believed in South African culture that the burning and consumption of this Braai meat is symbolic of the destruction of The Zef.  Some even dress up in clothing that make them look like a complete knob, as shown above, to symbolize The Zef leaving their body and making space for the wisdom of the Wors Queen.

I hope all my fellow South Africans had a wonderful Nataniëlmas and find themselves refreshed and free from The Zef for the coming year. May the style and class always be with you!



One Comment on “Happy Nataniëlmas Everyone!”

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