Jeanette Akua Has Got The (UK) X-Factor

Jeanette Akua

Channel 24 reports that Xhosa princess, Jeanette Akua, moved through to the boot-camp round of X-Factor UK after wowing the “judges” with her rendition of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love.  “Judge” usually refers to an individual with in-depth knowledge of something (i.e. a legal system, or a specific profession) who is able to make an informed decision. I therefore put (X-Factor) “judges” in quotations since I seriously doubt that Jeanette auditioned for a role of stripper, Auto-Tune enthusiast or plastic surgery addict.  If you are thinking: “but there are four ‘judges’?”, you are right, but I don’t know who that Silver Meerkat is, nor do I know what he does.  So basically I think calling those four clowns judges is pushing it a bit.

Despite the abysmal judging process, Jeanette made it through and hopefully her inclusion in the girl band Stop, Drop and Bone Stop, Look and Listen wont cramp her style.  I’m not an avid X-Factor watcher, but I’ve seen some of these British pram-face bitches on this show and I can only pray to the Ancestors that Jeanette gets some hoes HALF as talented as her in the group!

From everyone at Siesa Nyama, CONGRATS Jeanette! Break a leg (or a jaw, if necessary).  We know you’ll make us proud!



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