Disco Bunnies Across The Nation All Had To Get Their Pussies Stitched Back Up Again


Disco Bunnies across the nation all had to undergo emergency pussy-reconstruction surgery after learning of the rumoured of the famous Tomorrowland music festival possibly coming to South Africa in 2015.  For those of you who prefer your music NOT to give you a seizure, Tomorrowland is a music festival where hippies, money and LSD meet.  This is every Trance Monkey’s dream.  Massive crowds, intense doof-doof and majestic stages make for quite the spectacle. Tomorrowland is normally hosted by Belgium, but apparently some dude has bought the right to host one in South Africa.

I’ve never attended Tomorrowland personally, but I’ve seen some video material and it looks like every epileptic’s worst nightmare.  I have to say, however, that this looks significantly less douchy than the “ocean of white” which was held in Jozie recently.  Erecting stages that cost in the area of 100mil makes this a bit more like a show than just a music concert and I for one can’t wait to watch this show while high on the goat-shit-laced-tik I smoked on the Fairview Wine Estate where this is supposed to be hosted in a year and a half…




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