Daily Skid Marks


Auditions (read: psychiatric screening) for the new Big Brother SA is currently under way. – via ZAGossip

Idols SA’s top guys announced.  So what about the bottom guys?! – via ZAGossip

Vote for Danny K’s BROWN EYE. You have my vote Danny! – via Twatter

“A billion Rand? Meh.”: Patrice Motsepe. – via Sowetan Live

The infighting can officially resume: Parliament announces new SABC board. – via Times Live

Jeannie D is done terrorizing Rome with her razor blade clavicles, now she is doing impersonations of a smug Calliphora Vomitoria across Athens. – via Twatter

Toronto Film Festival: SA not in the news for kiddy-porn or wife-murder for a change. – via SA Breaking News

The CSIR did science things and now errbody loves them.  Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for someone to invent “I can’t believe it’s not bigger” enlargement cream. – via Mail & Guardian

Communism has been the ultra #fail in other countries, but is will definitely work in South Africa. – via Mail & Guardian

Ermahgerd! Let’s take couple-selfie! Ermahgerd, ERMAHGERD! – via Serwehtern Lehrv

You can’t argue with this logic: You give me poor costumer service, I shoot you and break your shit. – via Mail & Guardian

To the South African tax payer: Roses are red, Violets are blue; When you weren’t looking, the Department of Public Works went ahead and fisted you. – via Times Live

E-tolls: Beating a dead horse (read: FUCKING a dead horse with a bag full of 18″ dildos – too much? I think NOT). – via Channel24




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  1. […] D adds her midriff to her arsenal of Europe-terrorizing instruments. – via […]

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