South Africa’s Future Looks Bright

I have seen into South Africa’s future and the future looks bright.  Have you ever seen such raw talent? Such style?? Such grace??? Cancel Idols, because none of those hoes have got SHIT on Biggy+Mouse! Close all dental practices in the nation because teeth with which you can eat a mielie through a tennis racket is THE LOOK!  And finally stop all production of new VW vehicles because you ain’t SHIT without a Golf2 GTI circa 1983!

Biggy+Mouse are not only trendsetters, they are PIONEERS! Who needs a video-ho oiled up and twerking in a bikini three sizes too small for her when you can have your hoes looking like the JUST stepped off an Ackermans shoot or like they just had Mouse’s snake in their mouse 5 minutes ago.

video ho

You don’t even have to understand Afrikaans to be able to appreciate this example of pure artistry.  Big Sean and MC Hammer should not even THINK of suing for copyright infringement. If anything, Biggy+Mouse improved their respective songs by using the music in the TIGHTEST Afrikaans rap I have ever heard! Watch your back Jack Parow! Watch your back Snotkop! These boys are going to be BIG…well, bigger than they already are, that is…



One Comment on “South Africa’s Future Looks Bright”

  1. FFS – like we need more embarrassment in this place

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