Knopkierie: Bobby Van Jaarsveld


Spieëltjie spieëltjie sê vir my

hoe sien die ander mense my


Mirror mirror tell me

how do other people see me

I will tell you how the other people see you Bobby: They look at you with eyes filled with primal lust which causes a rush of blood to be sent to a confused organ which doesn’t know which hole to enter first. Too much? Well, no one has ever accused me of being subtle or tactful.

This week’s Knopkierie is hosted by the Rainbow Nation’s answer to everyone’s favourite singing basketball player Zac Efron.  Like Mr Efron, Bobby van Jaarsveld is a triple threat: He can sing, act and make our pussies do the cha cha.  I should also mention that the picture of Bobby, above, unfortunately covers up half of his body which is a shame since EVERY INCH of his twinkelicious physique is as toned as a Marvel superhero.  I can personally confirm this after seeing him get out of his Land Rover at the Highveld Spar wearing a pair of shortshorts.  Unfortunately for all you shit-stabbers out there, drooling over his pictures, Jesus has a firm grip on his wheel so stop it – just STOP IT.

After racking up various music awards including Sama-, Tempo-, Vonk- and MK Awards, he also made his film debut in the smash hit (read: OMG smash my fucking face in) Afrikaans drama, Liefling.  As always, however, I don’t care if he is in a music video or a movie, as long as I can keep on seeing his prepubescent hunkiness smeared across my computer screen, I’m good (a bit too pedo?).  Now go get yourself some wine and partake of this BODY:

Bobbie2 bobbie3 bobbie4 bobbie5 bobbie6



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