Fuck Syria, IRB Reffing Requires Serious International Military Attention


I’m not even being sarcastic with that headline.  When a whore makes my Bissie sad, then the claws come out! Our nation’s fallen idol sported his glorious jheri curl for a mere 32 minutes at Auckland’s Eden Park today before getting his second yellow card and being sent to the sin-bin during the clash between South Africa and New Zealand. During this time Bismarck managed to score the South African side a try and also take out the New Zealand fly-half. (No Bissie! Not Dan Carter’s face, PLEASE!)

I  may not be a Supersport-level Rugby ninja, but what I do know is Twatter, and mine is BLOWING UP with hoes across the globe telling Romain Poite to eat shit and die after Bissie’s (apparently) cuntroversial yellow cards – arguably resulting in the Boks defeat.  I had to search really hard on the internet to make any sense of this mess and found that this is not the first time bitches have lost their SHIT over a French ref’s shitty skills on the whistle. Apparently being refereed by a French ref is like receiving unsolicited anal…and NO ONE should be putting it in my Bissie’s bottie without him nodding tearfully and spreading those muscular hairy thighs personally. NO ONE!  I retract my previous statement about Jub Jub’s infernal legal representative Rudi Krause being the reincarnation of Lucifer, because it is obvious that ROMAIN POITE is!

Some are saying that Bismarck’s first yellow card was deserved and some are not, but EVERYONE is saying that the second one was bullshit.  I didn’t know this, but one yellow card and shantay, you stay, but two, and it’s sashay away. All I know is that we lost and my Bissie is sad…and that makes me sad too. So in solidarity, I will call all my squirrel friends over so we can take a group shower while we sulk and stomp our feet “sexily”. Note: We will be attempting this “sexy stomping” but I doubt it will look anything like the Boks’ attempts to out Haka the All Blacks.



One Comment on “Fuck Syria, IRB Reffing Requires Serious International Military Attention”

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