Executive Level Fuckery: Teacher Makes Pupil Eat Shit

chocolate face

I have to admit, I like kids about as much as I like genital warts. In addition to this, the words “eat shit and die” have crossed my mind on occasions when I have been forced to listen to a child’s crying or whining. However, making a kid you are suppose to educate eat their own shit is some next level bullshit.

News24 reports that a Grade R teacher at Bankfontein Combined School in Middelburg (like Middle Earth, but with much more Mordor) has been fired after “allegedly” forcing a pupil to eat her own crap. I love how the Mpumalanga Education Department (MED) talking in the article is being all official and using the word “allegedly” like we all don’t know this really happened. Who the fuck makes shit like this up? A Grade R pupil?? If so, we have A LOT more problems in our education system than I thought. Also, listen to this shit:

“This outcome will send a clear message that government cares for children and will in terms of the law deal with anyone who abuses children…”

This nugget of pure douchery was mouth-queefed by Jasper Zwane, a spokesperson for the MED. What-the-actual-F, Jasper!? Shouldn’t the government giving a fuck about kids be the status quo? Also, it sort of sounds like he thinks his department should get some kind of award for doing the bare minimum as response to this shit-eating mess, which was to fire this crazy bitch of a teacher. Ugh, okay RANT = OFF. Now I’m off to shove something brown and gooey into my own mouth… Ice cream, sewer brains!



One Comment on “Executive Level Fuckery: Teacher Makes Pupil Eat Shit”

  1. LMAO you make me laugh! She’s a sicko that needs to be elbow punched

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