ANN7 Proves They Are About As Edgy As My Ouma’s Underwear Drawer

ANN7 Farts

Hopefully none of the OLD FARTS from the South African Older Persons’ Forum (I knew there was one, I just KNEW it! Right?) read my blog, because if they did, they would learn the true meaning of being offended, and more than just the fucking Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) would be on my ass! I’d have to move to Bhutan and blog my trash from a mountain monastery – can you IMAGINE the mobile internet costs?

GuptaTV, our new National political propaganda broadcaster on DStv (aka ANN7, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock in Auckland Park) recently cancelled their rental agreement for the billboard pictured above. This was after a bunch of OLD FARTS opened their toothless drooling holes at the ASA and the Human Right Commission.  The FUCKING HRC?  Are you fucking with me?? Overreact much???  Also, do they not realize the irony of their complaint?  According to the Mail & Guardian, ANN7 said the billboard was “part of an advertising campaign centered on word play, and that there had been no intention to harm or offend anyone“.  If you are offended by this (shitty) joke, can you not see that you are in fact being the definition of an OLD FART?

That said, old hoes are going to be old hoes, so let them complain about whatever trivial shit they want to.   However, I simply CAN’T with ANN7 agreeing to take this down.  I would have said that this billboard was boring and a total waste of money, but obviously what the fuck do I know about advertising because bitches obviously took notice.  ANN7 should be capitalizing on this shit, not flushing it down the toilet! Take a leaf from the book of another shady enterprise: Mavericks! Another move in the wrong direction ANN7! Tsk tsk tsk…



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