Stop Getting Sick Or You’ll Bankrupt The Country!


According to the latest Adcorp Index, you lazy whores lucky enough to have a job should stop being lazy whores and be sick less often!  According to this index (via fin24), with the aid of a bunch of calculations my trick ass can’t even begin to understand, the unexpected and sheer volume of the South African workforce calling in sick had an estimated loss of production effect of R4.29bn in 2011.  I suspect AT LEAST R3bn of that was lost on Fridays after phuza Thursday.

In the wise words of Rihanna responding to a hater via her Twatter: “Your pussy is way too dry to be riding my dick like this“.  Yes, this is a big loss in GDP (see, I know clever terms as well ya bitches!) and yes, a I’m sure a lot of bitches could have actually worked on the days the call in sick.  HOWEVER, it is just a simple fact that hoes will get sick.  No matter how good your standard of living or public health care is, at some point you will find yourself unable to go to the place you loathe the most and spend 8 hours trying not to kill your boss. FACT.  Something else that also wastes money on a national scale, but which does NOT have to be a given, is the mismanagement or poor allocation of funds.

Two more current examples of this is the absolute MESS going down with the Gauteng e-tolling system, or the “cultural defense” of our President sticking his dick into anything that would let him and then having to pay for the spawn of whoredom from tax revenue.  To those of you sluts who would want to read me on this by saying that GDP and the spending of government funds aren’t the same thing, I would respond: I know betch! However, before you tell me to stop being sick on the job, stop wasting fucking money on whores and poorly executed projects!



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