Etzebeth Cleared For Play – And Now, So Is My B-hole


South Africa faces Australia at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane tonight (Australian time, so like two days ago for the rest of us) and luckily for all us bok-thirsty whores, Eben Etzebeth was cleared for action, allowing all of us to reach for the hand lotion with a sigh of relief. He had a bit of a snotty pussy this past week, but is ready to strut back onto the field swinging his enormous Donkey Kong arms and knock some Wallabies down.  Sport.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What a fucking cushy job these athletes have! Who the fuck calls in sick and needs official approval before going back to work FOR THE FLU?! As a tax-paying (read: evading) South African I expect my national athletic representatives to get their ginormous biceps, glutes, delts, lats and quads out on that field exactly on cue! (tax money funds SARFU right?) The only reason I’m still allowed in my father’s house is because one, I agreed not to bring my rent boys in the front door where the neighbours can see, and two, I agreed to watch rugby with him at least when the Springboks play. If I’m forced to partake in this mind-numbing social convention then I AT LEAST want some material for the spank-bank. Etzebeth looks about as smart as a box of hair, but he sure does make my ‘giny tingle! You already do it for me, Eben, now do it for South Africa! Here are some more images of his delicious derp-face to get you through the match tonight while the real thing is buried neck deep in a pile of hairy, muscled thighs:

etzebeth2 etzebeth3 etzebeth4 etzebeth5



One Comment on “Etzebeth Cleared For Play – And Now, So Is My B-hole”

  1. […] then you might recall me mouth-queefing about Etzebeth’s nose getting wiped and getting OK’s for play after a long battle with a cold.  Well, the Boks won the game against Australia and this weekend […]

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