Sensation Innerspace: Keep Your Discovery Health Card On You At All Times!

Sensation Party

Johannesburg hospitals will be on high alert this weekend in anticipation for global dance party sensation …er, Sensation.  Patients in Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms and Psychiatric wards have all been wheeled into the corridors with the other patients in the corridors to make room for the inevitable influx of overdosing ravers and spazzing epileptics this mess is sure to provide by the ambulance-ful.  Sensation is a massive dance party that takes place in 20 countries and has its sold out South African leg this Saturday at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg.

Their tagline is “Sensation – The Ocean of White” which one assumes is based on the fact that all attendees are required to wear white.  However, after watching the promo video for this gangbang with glowsticks I realized that the slogan is OBVIOUSLY based on the expected demographic of the party-goers.  Various close-ups and wide-angle shots offered not one single POC, black, Asian, Indian or Blackanese face- not one!  I quite like swallowing some random disco-biscuits I bought off a stranger in the men’s bathroom and spazzing out for 12 hours, but this shit is a bit too Klu Klux Klanny for my liking.  If you are thinking of going next year, then watch their promo (below) and start saving your pill money. If you are going swimming in the Ocean Of White this year, then best of luck to you. Little tip: Sellotape your Discovery Card to your forehead so the ambulance doesn’t accidentally ferry you off down Christiaan De Wet road to Wilgeheuwel Hospital when the LSD-laced diarrhea inevitably hits the fan.




One Comment on “Sensation Innerspace: Keep Your Discovery Health Card On You At All Times!”

  1. […] nightmare.  I have to say, however, that this looks significantly less douchy than the “ocean of white” which was held in Jozie recently.  Erecting stages that cost in the area of 100mil makes […]

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