Finally, a channel on DSTV I can watch

I remember when my family got DSTV and I could go to broke whores at school “Your MNet ain’t SHIT bitch!”.  Recently, however, DSTV has become a bigger disappointment to my family than me introducing them to my friend and room ream mate Jabulani. Imagine my delight after learning about the glorious train wreck that is the new 24-hour news channel.  ANN7 (DSTV 405) launched this week and what a launch it was! I wasn’t fortunate enough to watch the mess in it’s entirety, but News24 reports some top class fuckery in addition to the clip available on Youtube. If this is the kind of homegrown Youtube talent bitches were talking about then I retract ALL my previous statements, because this is pure gold!

Everything from the sound to the presenting (including their whore-drobe) was a mess!  Who needs BBC or CNN when you can have … [awkward pause] … Carolyn and Marlien give you awkward silences, some Anne-Hathaway-looking skank mispronouncing names of politicians or the hoes in post cutting off half of the story headline?! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Guptas for taking African Television to a WHOLE new level of WTF. I love it! Keep up the good work and keep giving Mzansi more of THIS:

ANN7 Side eye




One Comment on “Finally, a channel on DSTV I can watch”

  1. […] have on the sorry excuse for a news network – ANN7. If you have been living under a rock, ANN7 (aka GuptaTV) came under severe fire (bukkake level fire) after the recent launch for being an ill prepared, unorganised, poorly […]

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