Luckily my Discovery was paid up

Ream-me tweet

If my grammar is a bit shaky (everyone reading this: bitch, your fucking grammar is always shaky) I apologize. I’m writing this post on my iPhone from the Intensive Care Unit at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.  Those of you thirsty bitches who follow KNOPKIERIE would know that the last post was of full time spiertier and actor person Ream-me Short. Long story short, we Twatted him, he Twatted back and my pussy exploded.  So here I am, legs in stirrups, after some poor intern was tasked with practicing his skills with a suture needle while sewing my business back together.  They didn’t want me to bring my iPhone in here on account of the risk of infection, to which I responded “Bitch please, my nethers have been exposed to WAY worse!”.


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