Distell read my mind


Not only are Distell doing their part by keeping keeping Mzanzi in a perpetual state of Tassenberg induced lull, they also seem to be able to read minds these days.  I say this because of the launch of their latest boxed-wine-in-a-bottle Savanna Dark.  I cannot be the only thirsty whore who longs for something dark and wet down my throat when I’m roaming the Savanna.  Our collective SPULS must have entered the consciousness of the R&D (Research and Development, not rimming and dicking you filthy slut) people over at Distell, resulting in them coming up with this new brand of bullshit.

I call it bullshit because 2oceansvibe report that SD is not yet on sale to the general public but that they have sampled the sweet angel piss and apparently it is the same colour as the regular stuff and only slightly sweeter. The actual drink is about as dark as the sheet in that fucking annoying MAQ commercial.  Distell is LYING to us! They only made the bottle black so that people with an acute case of the Jungle Fever would buy it.  Well I for one wont stand for this fuckery. Does anyone have the number for the hoes you call when bitches false advertise their wares?




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