Knopkierie: Ramey Short (paging Doctor McSmoothie!)


It’s Saturday night and at the expense of any kind of social life for yours truly other than a hollowed out  French polony and my collection of Turkish Wrestling clips, that means it’s time for a KNOPKIERIE.  This week let me introduce Veet For Men spokesjock Ramey Short. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate those silky smooth fuck-lines! (FYI: A fuck-line is not to be confused with a fuck-licence – which whores outside South Africa call a treasure trail – clearly, Ramey’s fuck licence was Veeted into heaven a long LONG time ago) No doubt it was this choice cutlet of prime steak’s aptitude for BODYODYODY that got him cast as Dr. Quinton Meyer in homegrown TV hot mess, Binnelanders.  I watched that show for no other reason than to see Dr. Meyer’s guns poking out from under his tight little hospital scrubs. Speaking of his whore-drobe, does it say “filth” on his hoodie?  Make sure you show him as much love as he shows that tube of Veet every week by cyberstalking him a bit (read: a lot) via @RameyShort. Also make sure your Discovery is paid up to date, because when you see the following images, you are going to want to book a prostate fingering STAT!

Ramey_Short2 Ramey_Short3 Ramey_Short4 Ramey_Short5



3 Comments on “Knopkierie: Ramey Short (paging Doctor McSmoothie!)”

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