Rustenburg’s Newest Style Icon Is In Moscow Doing Her Bit For Her Country With A Pole

Sunette viljoen

Yes, I know I have expressed a dislike for sports journalism, but this absolutely requires a mention, if for nothing else than letting South Africa and the WORLD know that Jo’burg can just hand in its notice, because Rustenburg is now where South Africa’s new interior design capital is at! So much I need to know: I need to know at what branch of Ellerines or Bears I can get a couch like that (on lay-bye please, and yes, I’ll take the free presswood two-piece bedroom set too!). I also must know who stapled down that luxuriously mossy “shag rug” – and by “rug” I mean that teased nylon in Exorcist-green carpet on the floor. Did it come free with the couch and the bed set? Get me to Ellerines, stat! I’ve seen a carpet similar to this at the very exclusive Club Presley’s in our nation’s actual capital, Pretoria! Cigarettes don’t even scorch it and everything from vomit to Russia’s best vodka can rain down on it without even leaving a stain. That carpet just laughs at your drunk ass… pure class!

Not only is Sunette Viljoen the picture of elegant sophistication, posing in the front room of her parents’ Rustenburg home, she is also a hard working athlete who likes to see hard work pay off – so says Viljoen. Move over Madiba, and get this girl on a R20 note! News24 reports that this spear throwing glamazon progressed to the next round in her morning sessions at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow.  And yes I checked, this is not “another Moscow” this is indeed the Moscow in Russia… so keep those PINK trainers on gurrl, or I foresee some gulag time coming your way. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go google “Russia” “Olympics” “Gays” and “fuckery” and catch yourself the hell up!



One Comment on “Rustenburg’s Newest Style Icon Is In Moscow Doing Her Bit For Her Country With A Pole”

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