Sunday was a day of worship

So for the three followers of this blog who may have been wondering why I didn’t post any trash yesterday, it was because it was Sunday and Sunday is god’s day. By god’s day I mean it was Thor, the god of thunder’s, birthday. Now I know you’re all thinking, but Thor is Australian and this news has nothing to do with South Africa, but (oh my god look at his arms/shoulders/chest/face/everything) you are wrong. When hundreds of ho’s all around the world are being treated in hospital for dehydration after the internet dropped that the god of panty slime is celebrating another year of being able to bless us with his creamy perfect man-tits then it becomes very much a local issue. You can consider this A Very Imp-Thor-tant Health Announcement! (I’m not sorry, and I will not retract!)

So, yesterday in celebration of the birthday of our Thor-d, between lying prostrate on the couch and religiously eyeballing Thor and The Ass-vengers on a loop while offering up (read: breathing in) bags upon bags of cheese curls and sour worms and coke (LITE), there wasn’t much time for anything else of a productive nature. Even my dog was rolling her eyes at daddy’s bone-assed laziness. It’s the day of rest for fuck’s sake I growled at her through cheeks-ful of cancerous, delicious orange dust, and I was being all holy and shit! I put the DVD’s on auto-repeat so I didn’t even take a break to drain my Loki and of course, since I had my fur baby with me (rolling her eyes) and I’m a responsible parent, I didn’t want to expose her to that level of gayness even though I know that she’s a thirsty bitch just like her Daddy. I think Sundays will from now on permanently be a day of worship whoreship. Does anyone want to send me those movies on Blu Ray? I want to kneel down before HIM in HD.

chris-hemsworth-4 chris-hemsworth-3 chris-hemsworth-2




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