The Arch got his twitter cut off


Twatter users across the nation have been losing their shit after Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Twatter account got SHUTTHEFUCKDOWN. The reason for the suspension of the handle @TutuLegacy was apparently “aggressive following”, but Twitter has since apologized for this faux pas committed by an automated system which was trying to purge the Twatter of spam or some shit. Twitter is apparently really sorry and is now feeling all the sads for doing a booboo and upsetting the maroon reincarnation of Gandhi.

I see you Twatter, playing the oh-fuck-we’re-sorry-it-must-be-a-computer-glitch card. NO BITCH. Don’t even try to be shady when I can see you in bed with Robert Mugabe fingering your butthole while whispering LIES in your ear. Seriously, if you wanted this story to stick, at least used a different reason than “aggressive following”.  The Arch’s entire persona is about as “aggressive” as my flaccid peen after smoking some Transkei. The idea of the Arch being ANYTHING but sugar and spice and all things nice is about as believable as the suggestion that a post-coitus shower prevents HIV infection. Ho couldn’t be aggressive if he tried.

Anywhoo, the mess has apparently been sorted out so you can go ahead and #ff his monastic twitpics of happy township children playing with old tractor tyres. This just proves that no one is too old to take to Twatter. Don’t tell my gogo though, we already have enough pictures of seniors with their ugly ass Maltese on the internet!




One Comment on “The Arch got his twitter cut off”

  1. […] seriously, all I can say to that depressing shit is NO Sonja. NO while Tutu’s twatter is getting cut off. NO while Madiba is making more trips to the hospital than me to the clinic after a weekend at The […]

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