Knopkierie: Lukhanyo Nontshinga


Our first ever KNOPKIERIE is none other than professional rugby jita, Survivor: South Africa star and Cosmo’s 2012 Mr August, Lukhanyo Nontshinga. Since this is the first ever KNOPKIERIE, you might wonder what I screen for when making my decision. Well, I would love to tell you that I carefully examine various contenders’ “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” or some other made up bullshit, but I don’t. I just google “hot south african dudes” and pick the first one who puts a knop in my kierie.

The ancestors have been good to the nation for blessing us with this beautiful specimen of what a man should look like, but can someone please pimp slap the stylist AND photographer who did this shoot?!  Why, oh WHY, did they pull the tighty whities up on each side? This completely disguises his obviously bulging cum cutters and we all know a calendar picture is incomplete without dem cum gutters on display. Below are some more pictures of Lukhanyo looking hot as fuck.

lukhanyo1 lukhanyo2 lukhanyo3




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