Troye Sivan comes out

Hot off the Youtube presses, actor and internet twink type, Troye Sivan, comes out of the closet (for the second time). Troye came out to the public on his Youtube channel 3 years after coming out privately to friends and family. If this ultra-preened jail-bait looking lad looks familiar, it’s probably because you have seen him in the film adaptation of John van de Ruit’s novel “Spud”, also starring John Cleese.

I conveniently missed the extra “e” and the “Sivan” and nearly suffered cardiac arrest when I saw the2oceansvibe article. This is because my twink-porn ridden mind immediately went to “Troy Bolton comes out”. If you don’t know who Troy Bolton is, I have no time for you, but for the sake of this brainfart making any sense I will tell you that it is one of the lead characters from the High School Musical film franchise who is played by none other than MILF humping Zac Efron. Given that two of the other supporting cast members have already told the world that they are professional skinflute players, this really wasn’t a stretch (was it?).

TroyE (  ) says in his video that being gay is nothing to be ashamed of and that he hopes that his message would serve as some kind of comfort for young gay teens. Although I wish it was a video by Troy Bolton, I also hope that this video does exactly that – there wasn’t NEARLY enough twinks at the last Joburg Pride!




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