Julius is taking your shit and that’s the end of it


Pictured above is professional Pillsbury Doughboy stunt double serving magnificent derp realness.  This was taken during a tv interview or some shit and from the looks of things he decided to showcase his latest affiliation with the Economic Freedom Fighters, hence the stained sanitary towel on his head (I’m wondering if he has the matching “red sockses” or if he exchanged them for many different colours).  Based on his latest remarks on land reform, but mostly based on my own astute observations, I have come to the conclusion that politicians wearing douchy hats are douchy, OBVI.

So according to News24 Pillsbury Malema said that “Anyone who resists the surrender of land will meet [with] the determination of the people…”.  Playing Robin Hood is kinda rich for a shady ho who was found to have evaded tax in the area of R16 million, but OF COURSE silly SARS is just being silly and meddling in political matters. Silly SARS! To be fair though, if the tax man came and took away my mansion and farm (or in my case a GE Fridge-freezer circa 1984 and a cum stained mattress) I’d also start grabbing at other people’s shit!

I simply CAN’T with this abuse of rhetoric. I watched a video of this pee stain addressing some of his cuntstituents and not only did I find his butchering of the English language shocking (I mostly found his butchering of the English language shocking), but I also found him to be quite charismatic.  This human piece of dick cheese makes completely unsupported allegations left and right, incites people who don’t know better and pleads racism whenever he is losing an argument (he always loses the argument) while in fact he’s probably the biggest racist I know (apart from my goggo of course – love you gogs!).

Fuck, what do I know?! Listen to me rambling on about land reform shit while I ain’t got no land to reform! I think I should stick to eating dicks and Julius the Doughboy should stick to evading tax. We both will piss a lot less people off if we just stick to what we know.



2 Comments on “Julius is taking your shit and that’s the end of it”

  1. […] Nothing quite says “fuck you I’m rich” with a capital FUCK, like a) driving a Maserati, b) with no number plate, c) like the road belongs to you and then d) claiming the police has “targeted” you because you are a politician.  Yes, Tony Yengeni has been found guilty on multiple charges of douchery. However, he claims he has merely been used as a pawn in some greater political bullshit.  What is it with South African politicians and blaming the consequences of their douchery on the fact that they hold some office?? […]

  2. […] “You ain’t shit bitch! Good riddance! Eat a dick and die!“. Poor JuJu. I hope his stained maxi pad can still absorb the tears he is crying after loosing this fat cat’s financial […]

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