South Africa’s Beautiful Boy Does It Again


Olympic Gold Medal-winning twink Chad Le Clos made South African pussies everywhere erupt with pride (read: “pride”) when he set a new world record for the 200m butterfly while competing in the Swimming World Cup in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This achievement not only makes me proud to be a South African, but also inspires me to take up a sport (eg. pole vaulting, since I seem to have gotten the necessary equipment in the last minute or two).  This new record of 1:49:04 puts le Clos ahead of the previous record holder, half-man half-otter, Michael Phelps.

If you are wondering why I used a photo of a fully clothed Chad, the answer is simple: I’m broke as fuck and a wash-and-dry for my keyboard is not something I can include in my budget at the moment. This delicious piece of tanned Natal goodness has not only proven himself as a national treasure, but also as a Weapon of Mac Destruction.

Naturally we are all very proud of being in the international news for something other than closet gays killing their wives or walking around with a stank pussy, but I would advise Chad to watch his back. It is well known that athletes use their fame to generate other forms of income once their old ass has grown too old to compete. I’m, of course, referring specifically to the swimming goodness Steak Neethling who has used his oiled up cum-gutters to sell everything from jewellery to cereal to reward programmes.  There might just be pee in Chad’s pool the next time he trains, if he keeps sweeping up the endorsement deals!

However, for the rest of us, we can all only say congratulations and WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BOY!



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